Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Dictionary of Custom Bike Contest

Berikut beberapa di antara istilah yang kita dengar di acara custom bike contest. Masih banyak selain ini, tapi setidaknya mewakili beberapa pengertian mengenai istilah yang ada karena lain negara, lain organizer, akan ditemui beberapa aturan mengenai kontes adu pamer kreatifitas ini. Artikel ini juga tidak sekadar menjelaskan istilah dalam custom bike contest namun juga penjabaran dari perbedaan antara motor touring dan cruiser..

Touring Bikes
designed for long term trips, usually factory equipped with a trunk and saddlebags along with fairing and windshield's. These bike's usually are over 850 pounds without rider. Examples - HD Electra Glides, Goldwing, Venture, Voyager

Bikes that are built by hand or by small limited production manufacturer's, usually using large amounts of aftermarket parts and are very expensive. These bike's are usually trailered to prevent road rash, bike's in this class may also be under construction. Examples - Boss Hoss, Titan or any altered or hand made.

Bikes not quite a full touring machine, good for open road and travel may have factory saddlebag's and windshield without any fairing, usually around 500 to 700 pound's. Examples - HD Dyna, Soft Tail, Springer, V-Rod, Indian, Victory, Yamaha, VStar 1100 and Roadstar, Kawasaki, Vulcan and Drifter.

Bikes usually 800 cc or less, a lightweight cruiser type less than 550 pounds, usually not very comfortable for long trips but best suited for around town riding. Examples - HD Sportster, Yamaha VStar 650, VMax Virago, Honda Shadow, Magna, etc.

Bikes sometimes called crotchrockets, very fast, lightweight, designed for quick handling aggressive riding, usually has rider in a lay down over the tank position. Examples - Buell, Honda CBR1100, Yamaha YZF, CBR 600R, Ducati, Ninja, Hyabusa.

Bikes converted to trikes, bikes with sidecars, antique (over 30 years), trailer made to tow behind a bike, gopeds, mopeds, scooters and illegal street bikes such as drag bikes and dirt bikes.

Show it as you rode it
Not a Rat bike class. A class open to all bikes for those riders who take great pride in their ride and in collecting smashed insects and other road debree while riding to and from events for those riders who would rather party with a cold refreshment than sweat to death cleaning but chose to wait to return to the confines of home for cleanup. Example - You rode 600 miles through morman crickets and grasshoppers to get here and as chance would have it the cleaning supplies are at home and the welcome cool one and shade means more than a wash and polish.

Bikes that are heavily accessorized with aftermarket parts and or custom paint jobs. This class is open to anyone who feels this is the class their motorcycle belongs in.

Remember this show is for fun and enjoyment of all.


Selamat Mengisi 2009

Cukup lama saya tertidur dari blog ini. Lepas November, nyaris tidak menyentuh salah satu akses sosialita ini. Boro-boro buat update, lihat aja nggak pernah..maless aja bawaannya. Tapi,semoga, di tahun 2009 ini saya bisa kembali beraktifitas dengan memosting beberapa pikiran melalui tulisan saya. Seperti biasa, otomotif yang menjadi hobi saya, khususnya roda dua menjadi sajian utamanya. Tunggu bors!